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A New Way to Win Removals Customers In 2018

Make this year your year to grow your removals business, and increase your profits while reducing your cost per acquisition using  We are still looking to establish partnerships with removals companies throughout the UK and Ireland to help us service the new removals jobs that we are receiving daily.

We only work with professional removals companies who we have personally verified, so the quality of our partners is the most important aspect of our service and our primary focus is quality over cost. We do not accept just any removal company as a partner and have strict partner standards that you must meet in order to become a moving partner. By becoming a verified moving partner, we offer high quality removals jobs on a more flexible basis than other quote comparison companies.

We believe that our system can increase the conversions of quote requests we receive from home and business movers. We understand that our customers want to have control over how they receive quotes. Some people are happy to be contacted directly by lots of removals companies and are happy to have a face to face survey completed to get a quote. On the other hand, some people prefer to receive private quotes, keeping the hiring process online where they can view offers privately, and choose to hire a company in their own time. Our system is designed to offer our customers a way to choose how they receive quotes and how they hire a removals company, making our service unique.

We have created a system where the mover can choose how they are contacted and how they receive offers, meaning when our removals partners respond to a customer’s quote request, it is always the right time and is never an inconvenience because we are delivering exactly what the customer asked for. This makes the customer more receptive to the offer our removals partners make.

Our system also gives our removals partners the option to choose the type of jobs they are interested in. based on how a customer chooses to receive quotes, this determines how a job is available to our removals partners. There are two types of jobs that are available to our removals partners. These are “Lead Jobs” or “Commission Jobs”

At, we have designed an amazing system which allows the mover and the moving company to choose exactly how they use us. What works for one person does not always work for another, so we have made sure that both our customers and moving partners are in control of how they use our system.

If you are a professional removals company and interested in how can help you win new customers, then please register with us today.