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Buying Your First House Tips

Moving into your own home is an exciting time. You are taking the big step to owning rather than renting and taking on the responsibility that comes with owning a home.  The days of calling the landlord round if something breaks or needs fixing are over. So, to help you along, Movingboom have put together a few tips to help you move into your own home and start your new life without any issues.


Make sure you can afford it – Finances are the number one on the list. Make sure you have done your numbers so that you know you can afford the property and associated expenses. The best way to do this is by doing an income and expenditure sheet. Take into consideration what your income is on a bad month, and then start deducting everything from this such as mortgage repayments, insurance, utilities, debt repayments, travel, food and clothing. You need to make sure that you are not in a minus otherwise you may be over committing and may not be able to afford the property.


Hire the right people – Make sure you use a good estate agent, financial advisor, and solicitor when purchasing the property. You want to hire people you can trust so that your purchase runs smoothly. The best way to find professionals you can trust is by getting recommendations from people you trust, so why not ask family and friends who they used and if they would use them again.


Ask the right questions when viewing – There are a few key things that you should ask when you are viewing a house to purchase. We would recommend asking, how long ago the house was rewired and how old the boiler is. These are two things that can cost a lot of money to replace, so you want to be sure that you are not going to have to shell out on replacing things as soon as you move in.


Get a full survey completed – You can never be sure that the home owner or estate agent will answer you honestly when you are asking questions about the property. After all they want to sell the property so will not want to highlight any issues that may put you off. You should therefore look into getting a full survey completed which will uncover any major issues with the property that might cause you problems later on.


Check out the neighbours and the area – ask the homeowner or agent what the neighbours and the areas are like and if there have ever been any problems that you should know about. They may not tell you but it is worth asking to make sure that there are no nightmare neighbours next door or a crime problem in the area. Take a look at the neighbour’s property and make sure it is well kept. This won’t tell you everything, but you want to know what you will be living next to before you make an offer, and if you have any alarm bells, then it may be wise not to make an offer. You should always research an area in advance by checking the news and crime stats, and also drive around the area at different times of the day to see if anything concerns you before you make an offer.


You can never over prepare when buying your first house, and by preparing and researching, you will be sure to find the perfect property to call your first home.


When you have finalised the purchase of the property and have the moving in date, Movingboom can help you find a professional removals company to help move you into your new home.


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By comparing removals quotes using Movingboom, you could potentially save up to 50% on your moving costs, which is money in the bank when you are starting a new life in your own home.