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Compare TV And Broadband Deals When Moving House

There is now so much choice when it comes to entertainment in the home.  You can get great TV packages from the main providers such as Sky, BT, Virgin and Talk Talk, and you also have the option to stream using Netflix, Amazon TV or NowTV. The choices are growing and knowing what the right service for you is a big question.


Moving house is the perfect time to review the services you are taking too see if there are any better deals on the market.


Which companies offer the best broadband and TV packages?


The big 3 providers of TV packages are BT, Sky and Virgin. With these providers you can take a TV, Phone and broadband package. The packages on offer really come down to how much you want to pay per month.


When it comes to broadband, the best services depend on how much data you use, what speeds you need, where you live, and again how much you want to spend each month. We would always recommend going for a fibre unlimited service if you have high usage such as gaming, streaming and downloading. This means you can avoid any usage charges. If you only use the internet for browsing and email, then you could save some money by opting for an ADSL capped service which is much cheaper.


Most TV and broadband contracts run for 12-18 months. When you have committed, you are tied in for that period. If you choose to leave when you are in term you will be liable for early termination fees. This is usually the remaining balance to the end of your contract from the time you have cancelled.


You will usually get a preferential deal as a new customer. These offers are to attract you, but be warned that these will usually jump up when your contract ends, so we would advise that you put a diary reminder for a month before the end of your contract and start shopping around again. When you have an idea of deals available, call the cancellations team at your current supplier ask them what offer then can give you if you re-contracted.


If the offer is not as good as the other deals you have found then tell them you would like to cancel. You can then move to another provider and get a better deal, or you may be contacted in your cancellation period by the retentions team who may offer you a better deal to stay with them.


Moving house is a great time to review your outgoings and make savings on services you may have just been paying out of habit.


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