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Create The Perfect Outside Space

How you design your garden is down to your own personal taste, but before you plant a thing you should consider how much time you have to spend nurturing your garden to know the best things to plant.

Flowers can take a lot of time to maintain as they need pruning and keeping in order.  For a lower maintenance garden, you should look at plating evergreens and using pots to contain growth. By placing pots together with different plant types a you can great a wild green garden, without having to prune on a regular basis.

You should also consider the size of your garden. For example you may have a small city garden. In a space like this, you should use pots of easy to maintain plants like evergreens, and for colour, lavender and wild flowers that require little maintenance. Also use big bushy plants like Bamboo to great privacy and hide walls. You can use simple and effective lighting and small features like water sounds to create a space that is both private and easy to maintain.

If you have a larger garden you have a lot more possibilities and it is entirely up to you how much time you want to dedicate to your garden. The main thing to consider when you are working to design a larger garden is to separate the area and create a series of zones and themes throughout the space. Use plants and paths to separate zones and lead the visitor through the different areas of the garden.

Planting your garden can be expensive if you buy mature plants. A great way to plant up your garden on the cheap is to take cuttings and grow these in pots. If you are taking cuttings, try to take them from fast growing plants so that you can watch them grow and enjoy them in your garden.

Use garden furniture to great an extension of the home. You can get great deals on garden furniture at the end of the summer season when no one else is thinking about buying this. Home stores will offer great discounts on display stock that is clogging up the store room, so plan ahead and you could pick up some great bargains. Try to snap up garden tables and chairs, pots, chimenea’s and anything that you think could transform your garden. Make sure you treat wooden furniture every year and cover up from the elements in winter and it will last you for years to come

Having a garden that you can use can give so much pleasure. No matter how large your outside space, you can do something that creates a wow factor without breaking the bank. Take a look outside and see what you can do with your garden and enjoy the summer in style.