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Do It Yourself Removals

If you are moving house, you may be looking to save money due to the expense of hiring a professional removals company. You can certainly do this yourself by hiring a large van and recruiting friends and family to help you, and you will possibly save some money that will come in useful for moving into your new home.


If you are only moving a short distance or do not have many possessions to move this is a great option to save money, however if you are moving further afield, have a lot of furniture and belongings to move, and have a family that needs to be moved safely, then we would always recommend hiring a professional removals company to manage your move.


Moving house is a big job, and many people underestimate just how complicated it can be to plan a move and manage the logistics of this.  Removals companies are professionals with years of experience and are hired to worry about the finer details of your move so that you do not have too. Sometimes, taking the decision to move yourself to save money can be a false economy, as you may not have the skills, experience, insurance, helpers and a big enough vehicle needed to get your belongings safely to your new home in a single trip. These things can end up costing you more hassle and money, than you would have had hiring a professional removal company from the start.


Hiring a professional removals company may not be as expensive as you actually thing. At Movingboom we help movers compare up to 5 quotes from professional removals companies. Requesting a quote is easy, simply fill out our short quote form (This takes 30 seconds….), and click submit. Our system will then match your exact requirements to up to 5 of our removals partners who will contact you to provide a no obligation quote on your move. By comparing removals quotes with Movingboom, you could save up to 50% on your moving costs, so why not try us out to see what you could save.


If you are thinking about a “Do it Yourself Removal”, give us a try and compare quotes first to see what you could save with Movingboom.