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Door to Door Shipping Containers – An Alternative Way to Move Overseas

We know that everyone has a different requirement when moving overseas. Generally, the choice of service is dependant on the customers budget. If a customer uses a traditional removals company which requires porters to move and pack, the labour costs involved in this type of move on top of the distance costs can really push the price up and stretch that budget.

If you are looking for a lower cost way to ship your belongings without the need for a traditional removal company, then a door to door shipping container may be of interest to you. Hiring a door to door shipping container means you are saving money on the labour costs associated with moving, by loading the container yourself.  

By hiring a shipping container for your move, you will receive an empty container to your door. This will then be loaded by yourself and then sealed. This is then collected by the container lorry on your moving day and delivered to your new property.

You then unload the shipping container moving all of the items into your new property. The container lorry will then come and collect the empty container when you are done. It really is that easy and you could save a small fortune on your moving costs by hiring a door to door shipping container rather than using a traditional removals company for your overseas move.

Hiring a door to door shipping container is a lower cost “do it yourself” moving option, ideal for overseas moves where costs and the safety of your belongings are your primary concern. Nearly all international removals companies will move your belongings this way on overseas moves, so why not consider doing this yourself to see what you can save. work with a number of partners and we can match you to a door to door shipping container provider for your international move. Why not request a quote for your move using a door to door shipping container via and we will get you prices to consider?