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Free Boxes For Moving House

The costs when you are moving house are endless. From estate agents’ fees to solicitors’ fees, the costs really mount up.  If you can save money anywhere then you should do so, to keep a little money in your pocket for the unforeseen.


There are numerous removals box companies online selling removals packs and you could pay up to £100 for a box pack for your move, so it really does make sense to see if you can get removals boxes for free to save you money when moving house.


We have out together a few ways to get your hands-on free removals boxes so that you can save a little money when moving house.


Friends & Family


Asking friends and family for any spare boxes is a great starting point. Most people have boxes lying around the house, in the attic or in the shed/garage, so taking these off their hands will get rid of rubbish cluttering up their house and help you save money moving house too.




It is worth doing an announcement to your Facebook friends to say you are moving house and that you are looking for boxes. This is a fast and easy way to reach a large audience with ease and you could get your hands on a few free moving boxes for your house move.


Gumtree or Freecycle


Gumtree and Freecycle are great resources to pick up freebies, and if you are lucky, you may see an ad for free boxes. This is not guaranteed, but it is worth a look. If you don’t find removals boxes, you may just find something else that takes your fancy.


Local Shops and Supermarkets


Pay a visit to your local shops and supermarkets to see if they have any boxes that they are looking to recycle. A lot of shops will have pallets or cages of boxes that they have left over from deliveries, so if you ask nicely, they may let you take your pick. This is a great way to get your hands-on free removals boxes.


Local Businesses


As well as supermarkets and shops, industrial estates are good places to locate free boxes for moving house. Look up your local industrial estate on Google maps and maybe call into a couple of warehouses to explain that you are moving house and looking for removal’s boxes. Most industrial or manufacturing businesses will recycle card and they may let you take a few boxes to use for your house move.


Your Workplace


You could also ask colleagues at work if they have any spare boxes. People are always willing to help you out and you never know what people have lying around at home, so it is definitely worth sending an email out to your team at work to explain that you are moving house and if anyone has any spare boxes, you would be interested in taking them off their hands.


What next….


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