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Free Removals Leads

Are you a removals company looking to win new customers? Then Movingboom can help match you to movers in any location by offering 5 free removals leads to all new partners.


We understand that moving to a new lead platform may not be at the top of your priority list and that you may be happy with your existing lead generation process, but at Movingboom we think that we offer a faster, easier and more cost-effective solution than other removals leads providers.


Firstly, we offer 5 free removals leads to all new removals companies that join our platform. This is a great incentive to allow you to try our system to see just how effective it is.


After you have depleted your free lead balance, you will then be charged for future leads that match your job preferences. Our removals leads are the best value for money on the market. Our leads are form generated by people moving house and are distributed by our system instantly via SMS and email. Our removals leads are only ever sold 5 times limiting the competition, and we only charge £2.49 plus VAT per lead, regardless of location.


AS an additional; incentive to reward your loyalty, we offer 10 free removals leads for every 100 leads purchased, so the more leads you buy, the more free removals leads you can earn.


Movingbooms preference system allows your company to set the exact lead preferences you require so that you only get leads that are perfect for your business, putting you in complete control.


Why not sign up as a removal partner at Movingboom today and try our system risk free. We think you will love just how easy it is.