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Getting The Best Removals Insurance

Insurance is a minefield and knowing what cover you need for a house or business move can be tricky to say the least. If you are using a professional removals company for your move then they will be able to help you understand the type of cover you need for your belongings.


In this guide we will give you a few options so you know exactly what you need to protect your belonging.


The big question is “Do I need insurance”?


It all depends on how much you value your possessions. While you may have hired a professional removals company, there is still a chance that an accident can happen. As much as you may want to keep the cost of your removal down, the price you could pay for not having insurance could be much higher than the cost of the policy. It is always an optional extra but well worth the investment to give you peace of mind.


Are we not just covered by your removals business insurance?


The removals company may be insured to carry out the line of work, but this does not mean that this insurance covers the customer.


The removals company may offer a standard cover, but this may not cover the total value of your belongings. A removals company will usually limit their liability for damage in their Terms. There will be an option for additional cover, but this is down to you as to whether you want to cover your goods for the full value or accept the standard liability offered by the removals company and take the risk.


Always ask what the standard level of protection is before you sign a contract and if you are not happy, ask for additional cover and ensure this is included in the contract before you sign.


What are the different levels of liability my removal company will offer?


Every removals company is different with their own terms and conditions, so the levels of liability vary from company to company.


If you are comparing quotes, check to see if your offers included standard liability or extended liability. You need to be sure that the offers you receive cover the full value of your belongings and not just a set amount that the removals company is willing to accept in the event of damage.


You need to ensure that you are clear on the level of cover included before you sign the contract to avoid any disagreements in the event of loss or damage.


What types of insurance cover are offered by removals companies?


The most common types of insurance used by removals companies are Indemnity Insurance and New for Old Insurance. Indemnity insurance is cover for the true value of the damaged/lost item, taking into consideration the age and condition.


Another insurance used by removals companies is New for Old cover. This cover replaces the damaged or lost item as new without taking into account the age or condition of the item. Always check the exclusions that apply with any insurance policy as these can catch you out when it comes to making a claim.


Does my home insurance policy cover my belongings when I am moving?


When moving house, you should not rely on your home insurance to cover you as this may be an exclusion in your policy. Make sure you ask your insurer and do not assume that you will be covered in transit. Some insurers include cover for moving house, but make sure you check the terms and conditions in advance of your move date or speak to your insurer to confirm.


How do I find out if a removals company will insure my belongings when I am moving?


When you compare removals quotes via, we will match you to up to 5 professional removals companies. Each company will contact you and arrange a survey at your property to understand what you are moving. They will discuss the value of your belongings and make suggestions on the type of cover that would be best suited to your move.