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Helping Your Company Stay Verified With MovingBoom

We have developed a really smart system to help make your life easier as a moving company. We agree that we may request a little more information from our partners than some may like, but this is the foundation of, to create the safest platform to hire a moving company.

So now when you request for your company to become verified, will take a note of your expiry dates. Then in the future, you will receive a reminder that your details are due to expire, and a reminder when your details have expired.

All you have to do then is log in to your control panel, and your new details will be verified by the team and your new expiry dates will be added to the system.

This is a great tool; not just for keeping your account verified, but also for keeping track of when your ID and Insurance are due to expire so that you can request any renewals.

If you are a moving company and have not yet registered as a moving partner, please feel free to sign up today. We will then verify your details and once your account is approved, you can then start quoting on jobs and winning new business.