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How Much Do Removals Companies Cost

Removals are one of the forgotten costs when moving house. Arranging the removals company may be an afterthought, so to help you along we will try to give you some guidance on how much to set aside for your removals costs.


The first thing to remember is that every removals job is different, so there is not a fixed price that you can refer to. It all depends on what you need to move, how far you need to move it and when you need to move it.


There are a number of main factors that will determine how much your house removals will cost.


1.How big is your current house and what is in it that needs moving? This is the first thing that a removals company will look at. To get an idea of the cost of your move, a survey will need to be carried out. Remember that all removals companies charge different rates, so compare several quotes before you commit to any company.


2 How far do the removals company have to move you? The time and distance of the move will really effect the cost, so if you are moving hundreds of miles then you can expect the price to increase significantly, compared to a move down the road.


3 When are you moving? The cost of moving at the weekend is usually much higher than weekdays, although Fridays can also come at a premium, being a popular day to Move. Removals costs will also increase during holidays, especially Christmas.


4. What service level do you need? If you are prepared to pack yourself then you can reduce the cost of your removals. If however you want the full service with storage and packing/unpacking, you could end up paying over twice as much.


Remember that when you are choosing a removals company, choosing a cheap quote can sometimes be a false economy. You are moving your worldly belongings and need to be sure that they are in safe hands, so always read reviews on the company you are hiring in advance to make sure that there are no negative reviews.


At our team also monitor all partners on our network to give you peace of mind that you are being contacted by reputable removals companies.


Why not request a removals quote today with and let us match you to professional removals companies near you.