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How Soon Should I Book A Removals Company


Organising a house move is not an easy task. There are so many things to think about and its not easy to know which order to do things in. Our job at is to help you make this as simple as possible so that your move is enjoyable and stress free.

A question that does not usually come up right away is “How far in advance should I book a moving company?”. It can be difficult to know when is the right time to book a moving company especially when there are so many other things that seem much more important.

The simple answer is, book your removals company as soon as possible. The housing market has busy and quiet periods, and if you are moving in what is considered a busy period (Spring/early summer or the school holidays) then you may find yourself struggling to find a removal company with availability.

There are lots of advantages to booking in your removals company sooner rather than later.


By booking in advance, you can forget about this and move on to concentrate on the rest of your move. Cross this one off your list nice and early, then there is no panicking when you get close to the move date.

By booking well in advance you could achieve a discounted price, rather than booking at the last minute where you could pay more than you need to in the desperation of getting a moving company for your move date.


Booking in advance gives you a wider selection of moving companies to choose from, meaning you can be selective and choose the best company available. Leaving it to the last minute, there may be less availability if you are moving in a busy period, meaning you may have to make do, with whichever company has availability.


Planning well in advance means you can reduce the stress of finding a good removals company, and means you can concentrate on the other important jobs that need to be arranged as part of your house move. allows you to hire a removals company in advance, by comparing up to 5 removals quotes in as little as 30 seconds. Try us out today to see what you can save on your moving costs.