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How to Deal with Noisy and Problem Neighbours

Having noisy neighbours can really disrupt your life. If you are experiencing difficulty with neighbours there are a few things that you should do to deal with the situation in a rational manner. It is important to keep the situation calm and deal with the issue in a diplomatic manner.

When Should You Speak to Them About the Issue.

You should think carefully about when you are going to raise an issue with your neighbour. Do not approach them with an issue in the middle of the night at a party they may be throwing. Try to avoid any situation where alcohol may be involved. Avoid going round and banging on the door which could create the wrong impression. Instead, try to slip the issue into a conversation you may be having in a public space and let the neighbour know of the issue in a polite and friendly way.

Confront the Neighbour About the Issue at The Right Time.

You should raise the issue with your neighbour if they are being noisy and disruptive over a period of time.  Before you do this, make sure that it is not an isolated incident such as a one-off party before you make a complaint. You should speak to your neighbour when the noise or disruption starts to become an issue, but you should try to keep it informal and friendly so that things do not escalate into an argument.

Keep Calm & Be Diplomatic.

As annoyed as you may be with your neighbour, you must keep calm when you approach them about a disturbance. Situations can escalate quickly if you approach it in the wrong way, so ensure that you are polite and outline the issue you have to the neighbour, in the hope that they will see the situation from your point of view and show you the respect that you are asking for.

If you are not getting anywhere – Escalate.

So you have tried to communicate with your neighbour about the issue but it has not solved the problem. You should now consider escalating if this is continuing to be a problem.

If your neighbour is renting, then you should raise the issue you have outlined to the letting agent, or the landlord. Contact the landlord or agent and outline your issue and explain that you have tried to resolve the issue with the tenant but have been unsuccessful. The landlord or agent would then have a responsibility to speak to the tenant about the complaint you have made.

If the neighbour owns the home or rents from the local housing authority then you could make a complaint to the council. The council will send the neighbour a letter and any complaint will be on the record and official.  The council will not say who has complained. Any official complaints will be on the record so this may come to light when you come to sell your home.

The council may ask you to start keeping a noise diary to build up a picture of the disturbance so that they can investigate this.

If the noise does not stop after the council has issued a warning, they may suggest mediation. If mediation fails to resolve the situation then the council may choose to take a more official course of action.

If the council agrees that the noise you have reported is deemed a “Statutory Nuisance (A Nuisance under Law) Then they can issue an “Abatement Notice” which advises the neighbour that if they continue, they may be issued with a fine of up to £5000 for domestic premises and up to £20000 for commercial or industrial premises.