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Lead Data That You Can Trust

When a removals lead is posted on Movingboom, our system ensures that it has valid contact details by requesting a phone number and issuing an OTP code so that the customer MUST verify their number before submitting a quote. An OTP code is a 4 digit code that is sent via SMS or Voice message, which the customer must enter correctly on the quote form in order to submit their quote request. We also double verify email addresses, so that you have a second valid point of contact for every customer.

Our phone verification method guarantees that you are not being sold leads that you cannot convert. Once you are matched to a lead with valid contact details, this is instantly sent to you by email and SMS meaning you can contact the customer and provide a quote ahead of the competition.

If you are interested in trialing our new exciting system, sign up as a moving partner today to claim your 5 FREE removals leads.