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Living in A Small Space

People are having to opt for smaller places to live based on where they live and what they can afford. If you live in a northern city, you can certainly get more for your money compared to living in a southern city or the capital London. 

The difference in price per square foot in the north and south of the UK can vary dramatically, and you should consider your living standards if you are considering moving to a new city as it can be a shock finding out what you can afford and what you can get for your money.

In general, where demand is higher, then you will find that prices are higher. It would not be uncommon to pay £600-£700 per month for a small room in a house or a bedsit in the capital, whereas at the other end of the scale, the same amount of money would afford you a large detached house with a garden in the north of England.

Just because you may live in a smaller space does not mean that you have to sacrifice comfort.  With access to a world of ideas on the internet, you can design your life around a small space that works for you, and your budget.

If you live in a small space, try to create distinct separate areas to create the illusion of rooms, and zones that have particular uses, such as sleeping, eating, relaxing and working. If everything has its own space, then you are able to create more functionality from a small space.

Use lighting to brighten up areas of your space and neutral colours to make it feel bigger. Also, use clever storage to keep things that you are not using like clothes, shoes and personal belongings hidden to avoid the feeling of clutter.

More and more of us will be living in smaller spaces, and as cities grow and space becomes less available, we can expect to see the size of houses and apartments shrink further, with more cities becoming like London and New York. If space is in demand, there will be a premium to pay and you will essentially get less for your money, so you will need to have an open and creative mind to find a place to live that ticks your boxes and meets your budget.

We would love to hear your stories of how you have made your small space a home. Please contact us with your pics and stories so that we can share your experiences with customers.

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