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Location Specific Advertising for Partners

If you have registered as a verified moving partner, the most important thing is having access to jobs so that you can quote and win new business. We are now running a location targeted advertising service to increase the number of live matches our partners receive.

When you become a verified partner, we will ask you to specify any particular locations that you are looking to win business. These can be as specific as actual postcodes or as broad as a city.  By adding your preferred locations, we will create specific advertising campaign’s using Google AdWords to help you attract customers in your chosen locations.

As quote requests are posted by customers, you will receive email alerts asking you to submit a quote.  This is a great way to win new customers, without having to spend money on your own PPC campaigns. We do not charge you for this service, and as usual we only earn a commission if your quote is accepted by a customer and you are hired.

Take advantage of our new location targeted advertising service and become a verified moving partner today.