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Make Sure You Do These Things In Your New House

When you are moving into a new house the list of things to do is endless. Movingboom have put together a short list of “Must Do” things for when you move into your new house.


Change the door locks


When you move into a new property you really do not know who has keys to it. Make sure you are the only person with keys by changing the door locks as soon as you move in. You can do this cheaply by calling a locksmith and the expense is definitely worth it for the peace of mind it gives you.


Check for leaks & plumbing problems


The plumbing is usually checked before purchase, but it is worth checking for any plumbing problems such as faulty taps. Also ask the old owner if they have any tips for things to look out for, such as a tap that needs an extra turn to stop drips.


Clean your carpets


Cleaning your carpets is so much easier if you do this before your furniture is moved in. You can do this yourself by hiring a carpet cleaning machine or you can hire a professional company to do this for you. Look for deals on Groupon and other deal sites.


Clean out cabinets before you put things in them


This is obvious and not really a tip, but it is a must do. Give all cupboards a good clean out first. You never know what was in there before. Use soapy water and give them a good scrub.


Get rid of pests


An empty house may have a few pests such as mice, bats or wasps. If you notice any unwanted visitors, call professional pest controllers and get then to give the house a full clean. This is a great investment so that you can relax in your new home.


Make sure you know where the electricity box and water valve is


In case any switches trip or you discover a leak, you should make sure you know where the main switches and taps are in case of an emergency. The best thing if you are struggling to find these is to ask the seller (If you have their details) or if not, look in obvious places like near the front door for the electricity box and under the sink in the kitchen for the main water valve.