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Moving House With Children

Moving house is an exciting and stressful time for adults, but have you thought how overwhelming it may be for children? As adults we are more used to change, but for children it is a lot harder to process. They may be upset, emotional and unsure of what lies ahead, so Movingboom have put together a simple guide to make your house move more bearable for your children.


1. Try to prepare them for the change that will come well in advance of the move date. Talk to them about how they feel about leaving friends, moving from familiar surroundings and changing school. Talk to them about the move as a positive thing and make it fun and exciting. The more that the child comes to term with the move in advance, the easier it will be when it happens.


2. Make the child part of the move so that they can feel involved. Let them have input on what is going where, what colours you will decorate the new house. The more involved they feel, the less stressful the actual move will be because they have been mentally preparing for the move and it is becoming a reality.


3. If you are moving to a house close by, maybe drive around the area and the street in advance of the moving date. This again is preparation for the move that is about to happen.


4. On moving day, try introducing your child to neighbours and their children. This can be overwhelming, but if the child knows that there are potential new friends living close, it can make the adjustment to life in a new home easier.


5. If you invite neighbours’ children round to play when you move in, it again can be overwhelming and your child may be shy, so plan an activity that is fun and where you are in control such as painting, making something, a game etc. This means your child can adjust and come out of their shell slowly rather than feel forced to make new friends.


6. Teenagers may take longer to come around and may be less social in their new surroundings and spend time alone talking to old friends on social networks. Let them come to terms with the change in their own time. Encourage them to join local youth clubs or sports terms depending on what they are into, but don’t be pushy…


7. If your child is moving to a new school, maybe contact the school in advance of your move to arrange a tour and possibly speak to a few students. This again can be overwhelming but it can also be very useful to mentally prepare your child for the new start ahead.


These are just a few simple things that you can try to help your child cope with a house move and to make it less stressful with a little planning. If you need any support with the actual move of your belongings to your new house, Movingboom can help you save up to 50% on your moving costs by comparing up to 5 removals quotes in an instant.