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Moving Tips

Moving house is not easy, so we have put our heads together and come up with some great little tips to make moving day that little bit easier. At we are always thinking about ways to make your move go smooth. Take a look at a few simple tips we have provided.


Get free moving boxes from shops or recycling drop off points.


Buying removals boxes is expensive. If you have a good budget for moving you may not mind this, but if the purse strings are a little tighter, then you can get free boxes by asking at shops or by visiting recycling drop off points.


Another great source of free boxes are the appliance boxes that you may have lying around the home. You would be surprised what boxes you have lying around in cupboards or in the garage, so get digging and save yourself some money.


If you have a healthier moving budget your removals company can provide boxes and a full packing service, but this can as much as double the price of your move, so it does pay to do it yourself.


Gift things you dont need to charity


Getting rid of old furniture, clothes and other household items can take time running backwards and forwards to the dump. Try to arrange a charity pickup, or advertise things on gumtree. Things you may no longer need, may really help someone else out, so you can save yourself time and money and do a good turn at the same time.


Take photos of valuables and breakables before you pack them.


Take photos of your belongings before you pack them. If the worst should happen and anything gets damaged or broken, then you will need evidence in order to make a compensation claim.


Choose a mid-week or mid-month moving date.


This is an easy way to save money when moving. Moving at the weekend is the busiest and most expensive time to move. You could also save money moving mid-month when rates with moving companies are also lower.


Label your boxes with the room they are going to.


Pack your boxes by room. This way when your moving company arrives at your new house, they can take the box straight to the room the contents will belong. This will streamline your unpacking time and take away lots of stress and wasted time tring to find new places for things.


Buy door stoppers.


This is a really simple idea, but can save a lot of stress trying to keep doors open. Use doorstops to keep all main doors open so your movers can effeciently move your boxes to where they need to be.


Place heavy items in small boxes.


Placing heavy items in small boxes prevents you from overloading the box and reduces damage to the box, and stops your item moving around. Your mover will also thank you because they will not strain themselves lifting heavy, unstable boxes.


Pad out boxes that contain fragile items.


Protect your fragile items by placing them in boxes that are padded out with your pillows, cushions and blankets. This is a cheap way to protect your items without spending money on foam chips and bubble wrap.


Save your moving boxes.


This may be planning ahead, but you never know when you will be moving again. When your move is complete, flatten your moving boxes and save them in the loft or garage in case you move house again. You can never plan to far ahead, and this could save you the expense and time finding new boxes.


Change you locks in your new house.


You dont know who has copies of your keys in your new house as so many people are given keys in the moving process, such as agents, movers, handymen to name a few, so to be safe, always get new locks. This gives you peace of mind that you are the only people who have keys to you house.