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Moving To A New House Guide

If you are moving to a new house, you may want to spare a thought for the people moving into your old house. Every home has its little things that only the home owner knows, and knowledge of these only comes from years of living there.


Why not share your knowledge and leave a hacks list, so that the new residents know where things are and other little tips and tricks.


Here are a few examples of things that you should leave in a folder for the new residents to make their lives that little easier.


Awkward Taps


We all have taps that drip or may run too hot or cold if another appliance is running like the dishwasher or washer. Share this knowledge with the new home owner by telling them what not to do and save them the time and headache of trying to solve the problem.


Boiler Tips


There may be an easy way to set your boilers timer, or your boiler pressure may drop occasionally meaning that the water does not heat or run with enough pressure. Put any tips in the guide so that the new home owner knows that this occasionally happens and how to resolve the problem. This will save the expense of calling out an engineer when they could fix the problem themselves.


Hidden Light Switches


There may be a light outside where the switch cannot be located or switches inside the house that do not turn on any lights? Moving into a new house, these things can be a mystery, so if there is any information you can provide to make it easier for the new home owner, put this in the guide so they are not on a wild goose chase trying to locate switches and corresponding lights.


The Stop Cock


This is essential for all homeowners to know where the stop cock is located in case of a leak. These are usually located near the downstairs kitchen sink, but your house may be different, so make sure you put this is the guide as the home owner may need this in an emergency.


The Fuse Box


Similar to the stop cock, the fuse box location may only be needed when it is too late and the lights are already out. Put the location of this in the guide so it is clear for the new home owner to see so that they have the information easily available for when they need it.


Parking Tips


You may live in a busy residential area and there may be unwritten rules about parking. If there are any tips you may have, share these in the guide with the new home owner as this will help them avoid any unnecessary run ins with neighbours, local businesses or the local authority.


Our aim at Movingboom is to help make your move as simple as possible, and by leaving a guide for the new home owner, you can really help them settle in faster and start enjoying life in their new home. If you are moving soon, Movingboom can help match you to up to 5 removals companies and you could possibly save up to 50% on your moving costs. Why not request a quote today to see what you can save on your moving costs.