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Reasons People Move House

There are many reasons that people choose to move house. If you are thinking that it may be time for a move but not sure if your reasons justify such a big step? Movingboom have pulled together some of the top reasons people move home so that you can decide whether it is time for you.


Your House Is Too Small


You may be in your starter home and have started a family, or you may just feel the need for more space. Needing more space is a top reason that many people choose to move house.


Move Rather Than Improve


You want an upgrade from your current and the idea of moving into a new house where all the work has been done for you is very appealing. While many people choose to upgrade their existing home, this is not for everyone as the disruption to your daily life can be a real negative. Upgrading to a renovated or new property where the work is already done is another popular reason that people move house.


New Job Opportunity


A new job opportunity could give you the reason you need to move to a new house. If you have secured your dream job and the opportunity to move appeals to you, why not consider selling up for a new start in a new place. Moving to a new area for a job, gives you the security and peace of mind that you have an income to fund your new home, and the workplace can be a great way to make new friends, meaning you can settle in faster.


Kid Have Left Home


When the kids have grown up and moved out to university or to start their own family, this a popular time for people to look at downsizing and moving to a new home. This is a way many people choose to make a new start and release equity from their old house, giving them the means to do some of the things they have always dreamed of.




You could be moving in with a partner or on the other hand you could be breaking up. Relationships are one of the most popular reasons that people move home


Moving Closer to Family


Many people move to be closer to family. This could be children, moving to be closer to their parents, maybe to help them in their old age, or maybe just to share time together with the grand kids. Also, parents may choose to move home to be closer to children. This is becoming common due to the rising costs of childcare; parents are supporting their children’s careers by looking after the grandchildren while their children are at work.


Catchment area for schools


The best schools have catchment area restrictions, so if you do not live in that area, your child will not get a place. Moving into a particular school’s catchment area is becoming a move more popular with parents who want their children to go to schools with the best results.


A Change of Scenery


Some people are just looking for a fresh start. They may have always dreamed of living in the country, or by the beach. Many people now move to fulfil a lifelong dream of living in a particular place.


House Running Costs


Your current home may be costing you too much money to live in. Fuel costs may be too high, or the house may need work that you cannot afford to undertake. Many people choose to sell a house if it is becoming too expensive, and choose to move to a cheaper and more affordable property.


Changes in The Area You Live In


The area you live in may have changed. It may have been over developed, or there may be social reasons that you no longer want to live there. You have simply fell out of love with the place. Moving to a new area that you will be happy in is a popular reason for many people to move house


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