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Removals Cost Calculator

There is no exact way to calculate your removals costs online, because every move is completely different. There are so many factors than determine exactly how much your move will cost.


To provide an accurate quote for your house or business removal, a removals company will need to understand, what you need to move, how far you want to move it, and when you want to move it. From this information, which in the industry is known as a “Survey” the removals company will be able to provide an accurate quote for your move.


In the past you would have had to ring round lots of removals companies to see if they were available for your moving date and arrange for them to come around to carry out a survey to tell you how much your move will cost. This was time consuming, and you would usually end up overpaying because you accepted one of the first quotes, and hiring a company that you had not researched in advance.


The industry has now changed and sites like Movingboom have emerged who partner with a network of professional removals companies, and allow movers to request quotes which are then matched to removals companies who match the customers requirements.  This means that when using a site like Movingboom, movers can compare quotes from multiple companies and save on their moving costs because each company recommended is competing to win the business.


By comparing removals quotes movers can save up to 50% on their moving costs along with the time that would have been wasted ringing round lots of companies and researching.


If you are moving house and looking for a removals cost calculator, give Movingboom a try to see what you could save on your moving costs. We think you will be amazed as just how fast and easy it is to calculate your removals costs.