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Share Your Movingboom Moving Experiences

What do we want from you?

Tell Us About Your Move: Tell us about what you were moving, where you were moving from and to. Tell us about the overall experience and the things that happened (Good or Bad).

Tell Us What You Thought Of The Price:  What was the price like that you accepted? How did the prices that you received vary? Did you save money or was price not the only factor that lead to you hiring a particular company? What was included in the price that you were offered? Did your move come in on budget?

Tell Us What You Thought Of The Company: What was the company like that you used? Were they professional and polite? Did the deliver on time and on budget? Did they stick to the terms of contract that you agreed when you accepted there offer. Please share any other feedback on the company that we may be interested to know.

Share Some Pics: Let us see some pics of your move. Show us what you had to move, where you moved from, where you moved to, and anything else that you think may interest us.

Give Us Some Feedback: Tell us what you thought about us, our site and our service. We are interested in any feedback that you can give us to help us improve our business and the services that we offer our customers and partners

Give us A Score Out of 10: Give us an honest score out of 10 on how you would rate our service overall. This is not a review of your moving company. Feedback for your moving company can be left on our site.

Please send your submission to our team for review at and we will notify you when it is uploaded to our sites.