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So What Do House Buyers Want

We have put together a list of things that we have found from researching what people see as important when looking to buy a new home.


A Good Broadband & Mobile Signal


We live in an age of communication and rely more and more on our devices. It is therefore becoming a necessity to have good broadband and mobile phone signals. The traditional landline is dying out and most people now use their mobile phones to communicate rather than the home phone. 


The way we entertain ourselves now heavily relies on streaming and online activity, so having a poor internet connection can put a strain on what you can do. If you imagine a typical household, you will have a couple of devices, several mobile phones, one or two laptops, all of them using mobile and broadband capacity, so having a god service has now become a must have.


Kerb Appeal


If you are a seller , kerb appeal is the way to win the buyers over. We all want a property that looks good, so kerb appeal is a key requirement for buyers when they are looking for a property, and can be the thing that helps the buyer decide to offer that little bit extra. If a house looks good then it is more likely to sell for a premium. A buyer will fall in love with a property that looks beautiful and providing the price is right this will result is a faster sale. House buyers want to buy the dream property, so if a buyer falls for the property before they even step inside, you are in a good position to get a good price and a quick sale.


Good Storage


Good storage is essential if you have a growing family. We typically consume and buy more now, and having a place to put things is essential, otherwise your home starts to feel cluttered and you can soon become overwhelmed with your possession’s taking over your living space.


An Extra Bedroom


As your family grows you will need more space, so a lot of home buyers are wanting to add an extra bedroom, just in case. Even if you are not planning on growing your family at the moment, then that is not to say that things may change in the future. As an alternative, it is always beneficial to have some extra space which you can use as a spare bedroom for when visitors stay, or somewhere that you can use as a dumping ground and additional storage.


Bars, Restaurants & Takeaways Nearby


It is all about location, location, location, and if you are buying a house, you want to have amenities nearby. Having nice bars and restaurants and takeaways near to you, gives you the opportunity to go out and buy locally, giving you a greater sense of community. Be aware though, that the more popular the area the bigger the premium you will have to pay on the property you are buying.


Good Schools Nearby


Living in the catchment area of a good school, can be expensive, but is right up the list of must haves for a lot of parents.   The demand for property in a good school’s catchment area, can be high and cause an increase in rents and property prices in that area due to demand.


A Short Commute to Work


A good work life balance is the key to a happy life. No one wants to be leaving the house at 5am sitting in traffic for two hours then getting home at 9pm, for a few hours’ sleep before it all starts again. So, when buying a property, it is important to consider its location and its commuting distance to your work place. Commuter towns are very popular with buyers and anywhere within a short travelling distance to a big city will demand a premium as buyers want the perfect locations to give themselves the best work life balance.


Large Open Plan Kitchen


Unlike a few years ago where every room was separate and living spaces were more confined to smaller separate spaces, we now prefer a more open plan lifestyle, and large open spaces are more in demand for the modern family. A large kitchen with a sofa and TV and bi-folding doors, creates a space that is perfect for eating, lounging, socialising and a space that can be used all year round. This is becoming a must for modern home buyers and has grown in popularity with inspiration coming from shows like Grand Designs.  For the modern home owner, the availability of funding, strong property prices and new technology, makes it possible to create a dream living kitchen that your friends and family will envy.


Big Private Garden


A large and private garden is one of the big attractions for house buyers. The space to relax outside in summer is a great addition to any home, and if you have young children, you can let them play safely outside without having to constantly check on them. Depending on where you live, you may get more garden for your money. Typically, if you live outside of any major cities then the more garden you can expect for your budget and generally the further north you go, the more bang you get for your buck.