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Switch Energy Suppliers When Moving House

If you are moving house, you should look at the best ways to save money and reduce your outgoings. A great way to do this is to look at switching to the best energy provider in that area. Don’t just look to transfer your existing suppliers.


You would be surprised at just how easy it is. You can switch gas or electricity only, or switch both together on a dual fuel deal.


The best way to do this is to use any of the main comparison sites to compare what energy switching deals are available. All you need to do is enter your postcode and answer a few simple questions about your current supply and usage. You will then be presented with a number of options and tariffs to choose from.


When you have chosen the tariff that’s right for you, you can complete a switch application, and once completed, you will usually be contacted by your new energy supplier within 14 days. You will need to provide meter readings on the day of your switch for final billing.


People usually do not think about changing energy suppler until they realize they have been paying too much for a period of time. Moving home is a new start, so it’s the perfect time to review all of your outgoings and make that switch to save some money.


Always avoid switching to a new supplier if you have to pay a penalty fee to leave. If, however the savings are higher than the penalty fee then there is no problem moving to a new supplier. Do your sums to make sure that it all adds up.


You may still move to a new energy supplier even if you owe them money. If you have been in debt to the supplier for less than 28 days, you can request that the debt is added to your final bill. If your debt is over 28 days old then you may need to pay this off before you can switch.


For prepayment meter customers, if you owe £500 or less, you can ask for your outstanding balance to be transferred to your new energy supplier under the Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP).


Changing to a new energy supplier usually takes about 21 days, due to the Government-backed Energy Switching Guarantee. it can sometimes happen sooner and occasionally it takes a little longer.


You will be given a switch date from your new energy provider when your switch application is received and processed


If you are moving house then you should consider this as the perfect time to look at energy supplier switching deals. Also look at other ways you can save money such as comparing removals quotes. Movingboom can help you save up to 50% on your moving costs by comparing up to 5 removals quotes in seconds.