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The Cheapest Removals Companies

If you are moving house you will need to consider hiring a professional removals company. Choosing a good removals company should be based on a number of factors, and hiring the cheapest removals company should not be the only deciding factor when looking to hire.


All removals companies are different, and have different levels of expertise, such as overseas moves, house moves, office and business moves etc. Each company also has it own level of experience, so prices from one removals company to the next can vary dramatically.


So, what should you consider when hiring a removals company?


Reputation – We think that reputation and feedback is one of the most important things to consider when hiring a removals company. Reading reviews from other movers who have used a company can give you a great insight into the companies’ history, level of service and professionalism. Impartial reviews from other customers can be invaluable when hiring a removals company and can help you make a decision not just based on price alone. Each Movingboom partner has a rating from other customers, meaning you can see what other customers think about each removals company before you hire.


Experience – How long has the company been trading? We think that businesses that have history and a wealth of experience offer an added level of confidence. After all you are trusting a company with your worldly belongings, so hiring a removal company with years of experience gives you the feeling that you are in a safe pair of hands. Movingboom, offer profiles on all moving partners so you can see exactly what experience each removals company has and read reviews from other customers.


Specialist Area – What area does the removals company specialize in? You should only hire removals companies that specialize in your type of move. For example, if you are moving overseas, hire a company with lots of experience in overseas removals, or if you are moving office, then choose a company with experience in this area. Movingboom will always match you to companies that specialize in your type of move meaning you don’t need to waste time filtering companies based on areas of expertise.


Location – Choosing a company that moves to your location is essential. The Movingboom system will do this for you by matching your move requirements exactly to our moving partners preferences, so you will only ever be contacted by removals companies who meet your exact requirements.


Service – Does the removals company offer the exact service you require? You should carefully consider exactly what you need before you hire a removals company. For example: calculate the insurance amount required for your belongings and make sure that the removals company can offer cover to this amount and that this is included in the price.  Make sure you have a clear idea of what you expect from a removals company, and only hire a company when they agree in writing that they can meet your exact requirements such as inventory, moving date, level of service, insurance etc.


Price – Before you hire a removals company, consider what your budget is for moving and what you are prepared to spend to hire a removals company. This gives you a guideline and you can negotiate with removals companies based on this. When requesting a removals quote using Movingboom, you can specify your moving budget, and this will be matched to partners who can offer removals services in this price range, saving you time and effort negotiating a deal.


If you are moving house, why not request a removal quote today at Movingboom. By comparing removals quotes from up to 5 removals companies, you could potentially save up to 50% on your moving costs.