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Win More Customers by Upgrading Your Moving Partner Account

Some offers will appear above yours for the customer to view if the company placed the offer before you. This means you could be losing customers because your quote is not as prominent when the customer comes to make a decision on which company to hire.

To give our moving partners more control, and more opportunity to win new customers we have introduced a “Promote Your Quote” feature. This is a great new feature which allows you to boost your quote to the top of the offers that a customer receives, making your offer more noticeable and displays your company as a featured partner to help increase your conversions.  This feature is free to moving partners who have upgraded their account and paid the one-off upgrade fee, or alternatively, if you do not want to pay the one-off fee, you can pay a small “promotion” fee each time you wish to promote your quote.

Another great feature available when you upgrade your moving partner account is the new commission rate that you will receive. Instead of the standard 10% commission that is payable each time you win a job, you will pay a new reduced commission of 7.5% meaning you can save 2.5% commission on every job you win.

What’s more you will receive your own account manager to help you win more jobs. We will guide you through the processes, giving you tips to help you win new business. Our aim is to make you successful, and because we don’t sell leads, we only earn a commission if you are hired, so if you are successful we are successful.

Upgrading your account is easy. All you have to do is login to your moving partner control panel, and you will see the “Upgrade Your Account” link in the menu. Simply pay the one-off fee and your account will then be upgraded so that you can benefit from all the features associated with being an upgraded moving partner.

Check out the features and benefits for our Quote Promotion service and Account Upgrade service:

Quote Promotion Service

£2.49 plus VAT Flat fee for promoting your quotes

Promoting your quote is a way to get noticed immediately by customers. Use it to move your bid to the top of the bid list by paying a promotion amount. Promoted quotes are ranked in the bid list in by either first quote promoted by time/date then by reputation/feedback scores.

Upgrade Your Partner Account Service

Cost £149.99 plus VAT - Lifetime upgrade.

Benefits for Partner

Reduced commission rates 7.5%

Business manager helping you to win contracts.

FREE lifetime quote promotion meaning your offer will appear above other offers as showing you as a featured partner.

Gold Badge on profile page and quotes for customer to see to show you are featured partner increasing your conversion opportunities.