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Back in 2012 we launched a successful removal quote comparison site. We saw that there was an opportunity to try and simplify the process of finding removals companies.  We were excited by the idea that customers could compare prices and get a really great deal on what is typically an expensive service. The idea behind this was to offer customers up to 6 removals quotes when they submitted a quote request. They would they be contacted by companies who would make offers which the customer could compare to find the best price.


The comparison model was very popular and it gave our customers the opportunity to receive no obligation quotes, by filling out a single form, where in the past you would have had to ring around lots of companies manually to get quotes. The idea of digitizing an industry that millions of people use every year was our aim.




As we moved forward we looked at ways to improve this service and developed an intelligent system that was able to match customers’ requests to companies in their locations. Customers were then able to request a removal quote and receive quotes in real time which they were able to accept or decline.




We started redesigning our whole system with the idea of launching in 2017. Our idea was to build on what we had previously developed, but to make it smarter, easier to use and more intuitive.


The overall aim is to create a unique, easy to use system, that is bespoke, intuitive, fast and safe to use.


2017 Launched in January 2017. We now have hundreds of moving partners registered with us and are growing our market share making it even easier for our customers to save money moving house. 




Our system continues to develop and grow and we have heavily invested in technology to make it faster and easier to request removals quotes and compare prices.


We have reduced the time it takes to request a quote to under a minute and can match a request to our partners and distribute the data almost instantly, meaning we are able to bring moving companies and movers together even faster.


The aim for this year is to grow our customer base and bring onboard more moving partners, and extend our reach into Europe and further.....


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