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After months of planning, you have finally moved into your new house. After a hard day moving you should sit back and enjoy a take away dinner and a celebratory drink.


After your first nights sleep in your new house, you will wake to a mass of boxes and not know where anything is. Hopefully you used a labelling system so that the right boxes are in the right rooms, otherwise you will have a slightly longer time unpacking. 


The first job would usually be to give the house a good clean before you start emptying boxes. Usually the previous owners will leave the house clean for you, but you will no doubt want to give it a thorough clean yourself.


Once you are happy that the house is cleaned to your standards the next job would usually be to start emptying bags and boxes and giving everything a place. When you packed up from your old house, you will no doubt have gotten rid of anything you don’t need, so everything in your new house will now be the things that you use and there will be less clutter. If you do come across anything that slipped through the net and should have been thrown away, be ruthless and get rid. New home, new start.


If your carpets are laid and painting is finished, you can also start positioning furniture. If however you still have carpets to lay and painting to do. Keep your furniture in the middle of the room while you paint, and then your carpet can be laid once the painting is complete and dried. Ideally it is better to have an empty room when laying carpet, but if this is not an option, your carpet fitters should be experienced enough to lay the carpets by moving furniture around while they work.


If you have not ordered a shop online to be delivered today, it would be worth taking some time to go and do a full shop to get all your groceries and cleaning products and stock up the cupboards.