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Save A Deposit – Learn about the best way to start saving a deposit to buy your new home.


Find Your New House – Have you found your dream property? Lets get the ball rolling!


Get A Mortgage Offer In Principle – How much can you afford? Get a mortgage offer in principle.


Make An Offer – How to make an offer on a house you want to buy.


Hire A Conveyancing Solicitor – What is conveyancing and what do I need a solicitor for?


Hire An Estate Agent To Sell Your Old House – Learn the best ways to sell your property.


Moving Date – Not sure when to set your moving date for. Find out how to plan the date of your move.


Hire A Removal Company – Find a trusted and reliable removals company to manage your move.


Packing Boxes – Get boxes so that you can pack your belongings to move to your new home.


Plan Moving Day – Plan your moving day so that all goes to plan with minimal stress.


Change Of Addresses– What services do I need to change address for. Read our list?


Call In The Friends & Family – Get help on moving day from friends & family.


Make Your Home Your Own – The hard work is done, now you can start enjoying your new home.


Moving House Checklist – Print our moving house checklist to help you organise and plan your move