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There are lots of companies online that sell removals boxes, but there are other options that could save you money or time. One option is, let your removals company do the packing. That’s right; many removals companies actually offer a full packing service, so you can simply let them in and get them to pack everything and move it all to your new property. Obviously with a service like this, additional charges will apply.


You may however want to pack yourself. Packing is a great way to get rid of things that you no longer need and have a clean out so that you are not taking a lot of clutter to your new home.


If you need packing boxes, you can buy solid double walled boxes online for fragile items, and single walled boxes that are cheaper for less fragile goods.  You can also save money by buying pre-used single and double walled boxes on Ebay which are cheaper than new boxes. You could also get your boxes for free by asking your local shops and businesses to hold onto any boxes they may have. They may be happy to help you.


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