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Do You Have An Article Or Blog That You Would Like Us To Publish?


We are always interested in new and exciting content relating to the property industry and moving house. We would be very interested in hearing from any writers/bloggers who would like to work with us and publish their content on Publishing your articles on is a great way to add your content to another website, and to create backlinks to your own website/blog.


What Do You Need To Do?


  • Submit Your Article: First of all we need to review your article. Ideally, we would look at articles of around 1000-1500 words. These should be on a property based subject and fit in with the theme of our site. Our focus is to offer help and advice to home movers and to help movers save money, so any articles on these subjects would be considered. We will then review your article to ensure that it fits in with our mission and come back to you with a decision.


  • Submit Your Images: Once we have approved your article, we will request some images to make your article/blog stand out. Images are not mandatory, so if you do not have any that you would like to publish with your article, that’s not a problem.


  • Submit Your Links: If you have a website or blog, backlinks are essential to increasing your site ranking with search engines like Google. We are happy to link your article back to your website or any other website that is not illegal, explicit or in competition with us. All you need to do is send us up to 4 links and we will include these in your article for you.


  • Tell Us About You Or Your Company: Write a short blurb about yourself or your company and tell us about what you do, so that we can credit you for the article.


Please submit your article/blog for publishing to