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    We decided to use this company s services last week in order to import our stuff from the UK to CH. We had no information at all about the process and the required documents in order to proceed. By the time of collection, they sent a driver, who could not really communicate in English, and he told us to print and sign 1844 form and give it back to him. Because of their unprofessionalism, since we have been asked to send our passports and our flat contract only, our stuff was stuck to the German borders and we had to go there in person to fix this. After insisting a lot, they paid us the taxi to be on time in the borders and accepted our request of a free return with the company s van. By the time we arrived in the borders the border officer provided us with a full list of documents missing and explained us the full procedure. We were shocked when we realized that the document, we had signed was sent to the borders quite blank. We never had the chance to complete or receive any document

    on 13-02-2020

    By xepapadaki.g

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