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So moving day is finally here. You have been planning for months, and today is the day to put your planning to the test. Once today is over, you will be able to start enjoying your life in your new house.

Here are our top tips to make your moving day run a smoothly as possible:

Don’t forget to drop off your keys & collect your new house keys.

Order a food shop to be delivered on your first morning there.

Pack an overnight bag for everyone and put them somewhere separate where they can be easily found.

Have a separate and easily accessible box containing a kettle, tea and coffee, milk, sugar etc; phone chargers; house paperwork; contact numbers for utility suppliers and your account details with them.

Make up your beds as soon as you get in your new house then you don't have to face it later.

Number the bedrooms and the boxes accordingly and then when you get to the house stick a sheet of white paper on each door with it's corresponding number. Then the removal men can just look at the number on the box and stick it in the right bedroom.