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Moving to Belfast or any other city that you are not familiar with can be a big upheaval, but if you have been offered your dream job, then you had to snap up the opportunity and take the risk.

All cities are different and knowing where to start in planning your move to a new city can be difficult, but we will try to help you with a few simple steps that should help you settle in to your new home in no time.

Find A New House

This should be the first thing on your list. Where you live is an important aspect of leading a happy life, so make sure you know what you want and do your research.  If you are young and social, you may prefer to live in an apartment in the city centre near to all the bars and restaurants. If you are a little more mature, you may want something a little quieter and choose to look at the suburbs for your new home.

Do your research online, and register with local agents to get a heads up on what the best areas are to live in that meet your requirements. Do a lot of viewings, and only sign up for a short term, just in case the property does not live up to expectations. You may want to move to another area when you are more knowledgeable about your new surroundings, so a short term let will give you the flexibility to do this.

Find the Right Job

If you are moving to Aberdeen, the other equally important thing that you need to secure is your employment.  If you are moving to Aberdeen for work purposes, you may have already secured an offer and are ready to start your new job. This is an ideal situation, meaning that you can integrate more quickly, and concentrate on settling into your new life in Aberdeen, rather than having to search for work.

If you have moved to Aberdeen for work purposes, but have not yet secured work, your first priority should be to find employment. Any costs that you have will come out of your savings until you find work, so the sooner you can get into employment the better.

Start by searching the internet’s many job sites for work in Aberdeen that matches your skillset. Finding work in an area that you have experience will mean you may find work faster. You can then look for something else if you choose to when you are in employment. Also, make a point of registering with local recruitment agencies for work. Provide them with an up to date CV and remember to follow up with them every few days as there will be hundreds of candidates going for the same jobs as you, so you need to make yourself u memorable.


If you are moving to Aberdeen, there are lots of social activities that you can use to meet new people and to settle into your new life in the city. Joining social groups and activities can help you meet new people outside of the workplace. Consider signing up to gym classes or other sporting groups, or if you are not interested in physical activities, you will be able to find other social groups more suited to your tastes by searching online on Twitter and Facebook.

Learn About Your New City.

As you spend more time in Aberdeen, you will start to find your way around. Try to learn about transport links so that you are comfortable getting around, and if you drive take trips out and about to learn your way around and learn the roads. The more time you spend in the city, the more you will settle in. Try to learn about local customs and immerse yourself to become part of the place that you have chosen as your new home.