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Creating a New Account

As a customer you do not need to create a new account to submit a quote request. By submitting a quote request this automatically creates a new acco8unt for you. You will be asked to enter a username and account number as part of the quote request, this will then be used by you in future when you login to manage your quote requests. Once you submit your quote request, you will receive email notification asking you to confirm your email address which will then validate your account.

Posting a Quote Request

You can post a quote request in two ways:

New  Customers: As a new customer, to submit a quote request, you simply need to follow the steps by completing our quote request form that can be located on the homepage of our site. This will ask for details of your move and will allow you to create a new account if you are a first time user, or if you have used us before, you can enter your username and password. You can then submit your quote request and this will be matched to removals companies in your location who will then start to offer quotes on your job.

Existing Customers: To submit a quote request as an existing customer, you can either login to your account using the “Customer Login” button located at the top of the page. This will take you into your control panel where you can submit a quote request. Additionally you can place a quote request using the form on our homepage, as you would if you were a new user, but instead of entering a new username and password, simply tick the “I am an existing customer” box and you will be able to enter your existing username and password. Once you submit your quote request. This will be visible for you to manage in your control panel.

Managing Your Quote Requests

When you have submitted a quote request you will want to see how many quotes you have received and how good the offers are. You will be notified of any offers you receive via email, but to view the details of any offers you will need to login to your control panel. You can do this by selecting the “Customer Login” button located on the homepage and entering your username and password. Once you submit these details you will be taken to your control panel where you can view your quote requests and any offers you have received. You can then make a decision on which is the best offer to accept.

Accepting an Offer

Accepting an offer is easy. Once you have logged into your control panel you can view your “Quotes Posted” by selecting this option from the left hand menu. This will then display your job and will show how may quotes you have received.  By click on the quotes you have received this will display each offer from each company. You can view the offers received and the terms as well as looking at the company and reading feedback from other customers to help you make your decision. When you find a company that you want to work with who has made you a good offer, then all you need to do is select “Accept Offer” which will then re-direct you to make payment of a deposit via PayPal.

Communicating With Your Chosen Company

Once you have made payment, you will be redirected back to our site and you will be able to contact the company via the “Messaging” feature in the left hand menu which will now have become active.  In addition, you and the removal company will receive an email notification with each other’s details. Typically the removal company will contact you first to introduce themselves, however you are free to contact the removal company if you choose.

Arranging Payment of the Balance

When a removal company makes you an offer, they will outline terms of payment in that offer. A 10% deposit is compulsory which is paid via PayPal on our site; this secures the offer that you have accepted. The removal company will outline in their offer how the remaining 90% balance should be paid, for example, by BACS or credit/Debit Card 7 Days in Advance of the move. You will have agreed to these terms of payment when you accepted the removals companies offer prior to paying your deposit.

Marking A Job as Incomplete

On rare occasions, you may need to mark a job as incomplete. After the job is awarded you will then be contacted by the removal company to discuss your move and arrange the final terms and payment of balance.  You then mark the job as complete once the company has delivered on the contract. You may however need to cancel for a specific reason. If you need to cancel due to your own reasons after you have awarded the job, simply login to your control panel and select “Mark as Incomplete”, then select” Cancelled by Customer”. If you need to cancel because the removal company has cancelled on you, please follow the same steps, but select “Cancelled by company” You will then have the option to repost the job if you choose.

Leaving Feedback

Once you have marked a job as complete you are able to leave feedback for your removal company. Leaving feedback is fast and easy to do, and is extremely helpful to other customers who are looking to hire a removal company. We ask that you are always completely honest and factual in your reviews, and outline the positives and negatives of your experience with a particular company. We do not accept reviews or feedback that is offensive or obscene in nature. Once you have left your feedback for the company, you will then receive feedback from the company.

Viewing & Downloading Invoices

When you have hired a company, and paid your deposit, your job will then create an invoice on our system. You can access this invoice by logging into your control panel and viewing your pending or completed jobs.  You can download an invoice from either the p job detail page or via the completed job list. Invoices will outline your agreement and the price agreed.