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Signing Up As a Partner

Becoming a partner is easy. All you have to do is select “Company Login” at the top of our homepage.  There is also a registration link halfway down the homepage which will take you to our partner registration form. All you need to do is complete this form and you will be added to our partner database. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. You will now be able to login to the control panel, however you will not be able to start quoting on jobs until you have uploaded your documents for verification and they have been approved by a member of our team.

Becoming a Verified Partner

Once you have signed up as a removal partner you will have an account on, however to quote on any jobs you will need to become verified. To become verified you need to upload a number of documents so that we can carry out checks on your company. When you login to your control panel, you will see a link in the left hand menu that says “My Verification – Action Needed”. This is highlighted in red and indicates that you need to click on this. By clicking on this, you will be asked to upload a number of documents which you then submit to our team for approval. The status will now change to “My Verification – Pending Approval” in orange, meaning this is being looked at by our team. Once your documents have been approved you will receive a notification by email advising that your account is now active. This will show in your control panel as “My Verification – Approved” meaning you are now able to quote on jobs.

Filtering Jobs Based On Locations

Now that your account is verified you can login to your control panel and start quoting on jobs. You can set filters so that you are only notified of jobs within a specific radius of your location. So for example, if you are interested in receiving notifications of jobs that are within 50 miles of your office location, simply move the slider at the top of the page to 50 miles, and all jobs will be filtered so that you are only shown jobs within a 50 mile radius of your office.  You can also filter jobs on a number of other criteria such as oldest to newest post date, highest to lowest budgets & soonest to oldest move date.

Viewing Jobs in Your Control Panel

Once you have set your distance preferences and filtered jobs, all the jobs that you see listed will be relevant to you and providing you are verified you will be able to quote on these. You will have the option to view all jobs that meet your specifications in the list format. You can also drill into each job and view the details such as inventory, budget, location and images and videos. If you are happy and think that you are interested in quoting on the job you can do this via the job detail page by making an offer which will be sent to the customer.

Submitting Quotes through Your Control Panel

When you are viewing a job detail page, you can see the specifics of the job and what is required from the customer. Here you are given the option to place a quote on a job. To quote on a job, you can see the customer’s budget and you can make an offer based on the customer requirements and the budget available. You can also submit y the level of insurance cover you can provide. And provide a description of what your offer includes. Next you can provide an outline of your terms so that when the customer accepts your offer they are fully aware of what your offer includes and how the remaining 90% balance is paid.

Arranging Payment of the Balance

The remaining 90% balance payment takes place outside of our platform and is agreed as part of the offer you submit, so it is very important to be clear about this. A 10% deposit payment is mandatory which is retained as our fee. When you submit your offer to the customer you have an option to specify you payment terms. In this part of your offer you should be clear on what you expect in terms of the balance payment. It is recommended to be as clear as you can and specify your exact payment terms such as” 10% deposit payable in advance via to secure offer. Remaining 90% balance MUST be paid by Debit/Credit card or BACS, 7 days in advance of move date. All offers made are subject to our terms and conditions.”

Notification When Your Offer Is Accepted

When you submit an offer, this will be emailed to the customer with the details of your offer outlined in it. The customer can also login and view your offer in their control panel. They are able to view the details of your offer, and also able to look at your company description, your trade body memberships, and any feedback you have received to help them make a decision on whether to hire your company. If the customer is happy with your offer and what they have read about your company, then they are able to accept the offer and make payment of the 10% deposit via PayPal to secure the offer. Once this is paid, this is retained as our fee and you are provided with the c customer’s details to make contact and introduce yourself.

Communicating With Your Customer

Once the customer has paid the deposit on the job and accepted your offer, you can start communicating with them. You have 2 options available to you. You will be sent the customers contact details when they accept your offer, so you can contact them by phone or email to introduce yourself. Alternatively, you can use the messaging feature that we have built into our system. This becomes active when the customer accepts your offer and pays the deposit. You can chat with your new customer securely via our messaging feature which is useful s to have a record of any conversations that take place prior to completion of the job.

Marking Your Job as Complete

When you have completed a job, you must login to your control panel and mark the job as complete. This allows you to receive feedback and to leave feedback for your customer. Feedback is essential to the success of our platform and helps both our removals partners and companies make decisions on who to work with.

Leaving Customer Feedback

Leaving feedback is fast and easy. All you need to do is login to your control panel and view jobs that you have marked as complete. Next to the job you will see the option to “Leave Feedback”. Click on this, and you will have the option to leave a star rating and write feedback for the customer. Any feedback should be honest and constructive. We will not accept any feedback which is offensive in any way.